lavender candles

Wholesale candles through Ankorstore

Are you a brick and mortar store or webshop and do you want to sell our candles? You can! We use the wholesale platform Ankorstore for our sellers. If you are interested in representing Canndle, please take a look at our wholesale page.

All our candles are made from rapeseedwax. This is a vegan wax made from rapeseed. You know, those cute yellow flowers.

We aim to be as sustainable as we can. Not only in the materials we use, but also in our shipping.

In our webshop you’ll find candles (of course) and homeware.

Everything in our shop is handmade with love. From the candles to the homeware, everything is made in our studio in IJsselstein (the Netherlands).

Why choose wholesale?

As a store you want to offer a variety of products, which you can’t always make yourself. Canndle offers handmade (scented) candles made from rapeseedwax. This is a vegan wax made from plants. Everything you’ll find in our shop is handmade and as sustainable as possible.

Long burning time

Candles that are made from rapeseedwax have a few advantages. When burning a candle it creates less black soot, meaning it’s a cleaner burn. It also burns up to 80% longer than candles that are made from paraffin. Lastly it’s vegan, as our candles are made from the yellow rapeseed flower.

Pricing on Ankorstore

You’ll find that our pricing is very friendly. To be able to see our wholesale prices you’ll have to login to Ankorstore. If you make an account through our wholesale page you won’t have to pay shipping prices.

lavender candles