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candle making tips

10 candle making tips you didn’t know you needed

Candle making is such a fun activity and it allows you to create unique and personalised candles for yourself or as a gift. As an experienced candle maker I get a lot of questions about candle making and in this blog I'll answer a few of those.…
activities to do near utrecht

4 most fun activities to do near Utrecht

Are you looking for fun activities to do near Utrecht because you are planning a bachelorette party or just a nice day out with friends? We ranked 4 super fun activities to do, so that you'll have an unforgettable day! Candle making workshop Well…
landgoedfair beesd

Come see us at the landgoedfair Beesd

This year you'll see us at the landgoedfair Beesd again! This landgoedfair is held at Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt. During 5 days you'll be able to shop beautiful products, enjoy wonderful food and see all kinds of demonstrations with animals.…

10 most asked questions about a diffuser

An aroma or reed diffuser is a great solution for people that don't want or can't burn candles. It's a long-lasting way to add fragrance to your home. Here at Canndle we offer diffusers that are extremely long-lasting and have a great scent…
pop up store Nieuwegein cityplaza

Visit us at our pop up store at Nieuwegein Cityplaza

Although we primarily sell via internet, we sometimes attend markets. But this time we're trying something new. At the 19th and 20th of april 2024 we'll have our own pop up store at Nieuwegein Cityplaza. For this pop up shop we bought and made…
birthday presents for a woman

The 7 best birthday presents for a woman

It can be so difficult to find birthday presents for a woman that matches what she likes. Especially when you don't exactly know what she likes. Therefore we made a list of the 7 best birthday presents for women. 1: A scented candle Looking…
Spirit of Winter christmas market

Spirit of Winter Christmas market at Paleis Soestdijk

This week we received a not so fun message. Unfortunately the first Christmas market of the year that we planned on attending has been canceled. But luckily for us there's another wonderful market planned called Spirit of Winter. We really…
castle christmas fair

Canndle at the Castle Christmas Fair at Landgoed Beeckestijn

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Castle Christmas Fair has been canceled! We hope to see you there next year. Still want to see us this year? Come see us at Spirt of Winter, 16-19 november at Paleis Soestdijk, Baarn. We know, we know. The summer hasn't…

This was Landgoedfair Mariënwaerdt 2023

It's been a little over a week since the Landgoedfair at Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt ended. This was our very first market that lasted more than 2 days and we didn't really know what to expect. Luckily we were able to make some extra inventory…

Come see us at the landgoedfair Mariënwaerdt

From the 16th to the 20th of August you'll find us at the landgoedfair Mariënwaerdt. This market is held for the 27th time and boy it looks promising! With unique products, demonstrations and workshops there's something for everyone. Canndle…
succulent collection

Where does candle wax go when you burn a candle?

. Burning a candle might seem easy, but have you ever wondered where candle wax goes when you burn a candle? Is it safe to breathe in? We'll explain it today!
scented candles

Soy wax vs. rapeseed wax

Why do we use rapeseed wax in stead of soy wax? We'll tell you all about the benefits of rapeseed wax in this blog.

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