bubble candle

We love the bubble candle

Back in 2021 we started our candle making adventure with just one mould, a few wicks and some old candles. That mould was the bubble candle and it made us fall in love with the craft of making candles and making bubbles. As of right now all our candles are made with rapeseed wax, an eco friendly alternative to paraffin wax.

The bubble candle is available in different colors, like pink, lavender and white.

It’s party time! Did you know that our bubble also is available in confetti style?

The bubble might be way to pretty to burn, but it can be burned. Put it on a coaster and don’t burn it for more than one hour at a time to get the prettiest burn.

Please don’t burn your candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time. For the bubble 1 hour is even better.

Classic bubble candle

Our classic bubble comes in different colors. Creamy white, pink and lavender. The candle is mostly used as decoration but when you burn it please place it on a coaster. Bubbles burn for around 20 hours.

Party bubble

Because life is a celebration! The party bubble has cute little confetti embedded in it. Only available in white.

Bubble with hearts

As a part of our Valentines collection we added a bubble with hearts. Available in white with red hearts or in white with black hearts. This candle is temporarily available so make sure you get yours while it’s still available!

bubble candle

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