We love the Christmas tree candle

Well, actually… We love Christmas. The twinkling lights, hopefully lots of snow and decorating the Christmas tree. People call us Christmas crazy’s and that’s exactly what we are. And if singing Christmas songs in july isn’t enough, we also wanted to add a Christmas touch to our candles. And we have to say: we succeeded!

We have a variation of different Christmas candles, with or without scent.

It’s Christmas time! Did you know that our Christmas tree candle has a scented and an unscented option?

Although most of our candles are too pretty or smell too nice to burn, it is possible to do so. And for our 24 days candle it’s the whole idea to burn it every day!

Please don’t burn your candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time. For the Christmas tree candle the less is the better, because it might leak a bit.

Available scents & colors

Our candles are available in a range of different scents. Our scented candles are made with white rapeseed wax and the most lovely scents. Our Christmas tree candles are made with green or pink rapeseed wax. Do you want to order a different color? Shoot us a message and we’ll gladly look into the options for you!

Christmas tree candle

This super cute little Christmas tree is really too beautiful to burn. Available in green and pink, with those white snowy tops you can only wish for. Our Christmas tree candle is available with or without scent. The scented option smells like fir tree and cinnamon. So even if you don’t have a real Christmas tree in the house, your house will smell like it with our candle!

24 Days (countdown to Christmas) candle

Can’t you wait for Christmas morning? With our countdown to Christmas candle you can cross off every day until that very first Christmas day! Burn your candle for an hour every day and you’ll make it a december to remember with our 24 days candle.

Christmas tree candles

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