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Our frequently asked questions

Our candles are made from rapeseed wax, an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles.

Both are natural waxes, but rapeseed wax is a more eco friendly option when living in Europe. Soywax is made from soybeans. The production of these beans isn’t always eco friendly and happens mostly in South America. Rapeseed can be grown locally and the little yellow flower is loved by the bees. So a win-win! More about the differences between rapeseed wax and soywax can be found in this article.

There are a few reasons our candles cost a little more. The most important reason being that our candles burn up to 80% longer than paraffin candles. So even though you pay more, in the end you pay less.

Another reason our candles cost more is because every candle is handmade by our lovely candle maker Anne. She not only pours the candles by hand, but also creates the concrete vessels from start to finish. Because everything is done by hand it takes a little more time to craft your candle.

Furthermore, we’re a small business. This means that we can’t compete with big stores on prices, because it would cost us too much money. Canndle aspires to be eco friendly and deliver a small carbon footprint. Therefore we use eco friendly materials, which cost a little more than some less eco friendly alternatives.

Trimming the wick is important because of a few reasons:

  • a trimmed wick creates less black soot
  • it creates a more even burnpool
  • lets your candle burn longer and more clean.


No we do not ship to all countries.

Unfortunately postal costs are very high sometimes, which makes it difficult to ship to all countries. Therefore we do not ship to Australia.

Want to place an order but isn’t your country in the list? Contact us and we’ll look into the possibilities of shipping to you.

We try our best to ensure your candle will be send within 1-3 business days of ordering.

Yes, it is possible to giftwrap your purchase and send it directly to the one you want to gift it to. Add the product ‘giftwrap‘. to your order and we’ll make sure it is wrapped.

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