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Handmade candles vs mass produced candles

At Canndle we only produce handmade candles. Every candle you buy has been through our hands at least 5 times to make sure you get the best product possible. But what exactly is the difference between handmade candles and mass produced candles? It’s not just the way they are made, or the price point. We’d like to explain to you the difference.

All candles at Canndle are handmade with a lot of love.

Did you know you that rapeseedwax burns up to 80% longer than paraffin?

Rapeseedwax is a sustainable option as it’s vegan and locally sourced.

Please don’t ever burn your candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time.


One of the things our customers notice first is the difference in price between hand-poured candles and factory produced ones. Many assume this is because of the handmade aspect. But this is not necessarily the case. Let us explain this a bit more.

Type of wax

Which wax you use makes a lot of difference for the price of the candle. For example: at Canndle we only use rapeseed wax, a natural and vegetal type of wax. This wax is known for it’s longer and cleaner burn,

Vegan rapeseed wax

All of our candles are poured from rapeseed wax. This is made from the cute little yellow flower that grows here in Europe. Therefore it is a more durable option as it produces less carbon dioxide from traveling. Even better: the bees love the yellow little flower and anything we can do to make it easier on the bees, we want to do!

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