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Novelty candles that are unique

At Canndle we only produce handmade candles. Novelty candles that are unique and you won’t find in big stores. For example our succulent candles that are well known and loved by our customers. Our candles aren’t just unique, they’re also hand made from scratch. Even our concrete vessels are made by hand.

All candles at Canndle are handmade with a lot of love.

Did you know you that rapeseedwax burns up to 80% longer than paraffin?

Rapeseedwax is a sustainable option as it’s vegan and locally sourced.

Please don’t ever burn your candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time.

How are our novelty candles made?

Type of wax

Which wax you use makes a lot of difference for the price of the candle. For example: at Canndle we only use rapeseed wax, a natural and vegetal type of wax. This wax is known for it’s longer and cleaner burn,


When our novelty candles contain a shape like the succulent, we use moulds to make these shapes. We pour our wax into the mold, wait around a bit (actually no, there’s always something to do) and demould the shapes.

Pouring candles

When we have all our shapes we want to add to the novelty candle we start pouring the candle in the vessel of our choice. This has to cool down a bit before we can add the shapes to the candle, because otherwise it would sink into the wax. When the wax is hard enough we add the shapes and here’s our novelty candle ready to go!

twisted candles

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