personalised candle

A personalised candle

Gifting a candle with a personal message makes it that much more of a fun gift to give. Or you could just keep the candle for yourself, no judgment here! Our personalised candles are available in glass jars or in our concrete vessels.

All of our candles are poured by hand and also the concrete vessels are made by hand. That does not only mean that you support a small brand when you purchase here. It also means every candle is made with much dedication and love. In our opinion there’s no better way to let someone know you care about them then to gift them a handmade candle.

Our personalised candle is available in different scents:

  • Ocean
  • Fresh linen
  • Orange & cinnamon
  • Sandalwood
  • Good habits sakura
  • Lavender, chamomille & vanilla
  • Peony & blush

Did you know that all of our candles are made from rapeseedwax? A more durable option than paraffin as it burns for up to 80% longer.

Our candles are almost too pretty to burn. If you do decide to light it, please keep it away from children and pets. Please don’t put your personalised candle in the draft.

Please don’t burn your candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Please remember to trim the wick before every burn. This ensures a better and even burn.

Why personalise your candle?

Sometimes a gift isn’t quite enough to tell people you care for them. A personalised gift makes sure it says ‘I care for you’ in all kinds of ways.

Examples of quotes

Our personalised candle can contain whatever text you want. From a remembrance candle saying ‘It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later’ to a loving quote about getting to be a grandparent soon. A few examples of quotes we sent out:

  • SLAY!
  • Welcome little one
  • Mom, you did a good job
  • Stressed, depressed, but wel dressed!
  • My better half
  • I love you for your personality, but your dick is a huge bonus
personalised candle

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