pillar candles

Use pillar candles to enhance your home decor

Pillar candles are perfect for any occasion and available in various colors and sizes. They are long-lasting and beautiful, offering a relaxing ambiance. An easy way to enhance your home decor fast!

Made from rapeseedwax

Rapeseedwax is a vegetable wax coming from the cute yellow rapeseed flowers. They are grown in Europe, which makes the carbon footprint smaller because it doesn’t have to travel far (we’re situated in the Netherlands). Rapeseed candles burn longer and cleaner. This eco-friendly wax is the only wax we use at Canndle.

Our pillar candles come in different colours: white, pink or lavender. Or in a combination of white and pink.

Did you know we offer a small and a big pillar candle? They both burn for very long times.

Although a lot of our customers use our candles for decoration, they can be lit. They’ll burn for up to 80% longer as they’re made form rapeseedwax.

Please don’t burn your candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Please place the pillar candles on a heat resistant coaster when burning.

Pillar candles

Our pillar candles are available in different sizes. This way you can always find a pillar candle that suits your home decor.

Pillar/dinner candle

The OG pillar candle is a bit smaller and very tall. It can stand on its own, but a lot of customers like to put it in a small holder. If you decide you want to place it in a holder, you can use any tealight holder you want. Or just purchase the mini sample along with the pillar candle, as the vessel is a perfect fit! Our original pillar candle burns for up to 30+ hours, so you’ll enjoy it for a long time.

Big pillar

As bigger is better (well, that’s what they say) we couldn’t resist adding a bigger pillar candle to our shop. This big pillar burns for up to 60+ hours and is a beautiful addition to your home.

pillar candles

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