scented candles

Scented candles

Looking for scented candles? Look no further as all the candles in this category are scented. Here at Canndle we aim for candles that smell both when you light them, as when you’re not burning them. Our candles have a subtle but noticeable scent that even people who don’t like scented candles can appreciate.

No ‘chemical’ smell

We asked our customers and they all agree: our candles don’t have that ‘chemical’ smell. That smell that you immediately notice (and not in a good way) when you enter a room. At Canndle we only use high quality fragrance oil, combined with high quality rapeseed wax. Together they make beautiful smelling scented candles.


Scents at Canndle vary from summer scents to warm and relaxing scents. We always have a scent that matches with you. A little more information about each scent can be found on our scent profiles page. Here we’ll also tell you if a scent is full and aromatic, soft and relaxing or fresh. Don’t know which scent fits you best? Order our samples to try which one you love most!

Scented candles with a little extra

Our candles are made from scratch with a whole lot of love. Did you know that our concrete vessels are also made by hand? This means that you will get a true handmade candle when you order with us.


I want to personalise my candle, is that possible?

Yes, just choose a scent and vessel for your personalised candle and let us know what the text on the label should be.

How do I know I like the scent?

Unfortunately you can’t smell our candles through your screen. We’re not waiting for that to change, but offer you the option of buying our samples to try the scent before you buy a large candle of it. Or come visit us when we’re at a (christmas) market.

My order is a gift, can you wrap it for me?

Definitely! Just add the giftwrap or giftwrap + handwritten card to your shopping cart and we’ll pack it up beautifully.