Gift wrapping

Sometimes you don’t just want to buy something, you want it gift wrapped right away. Well, that’s possible here at Canndle. Just shop the candle(s) or homeware that you want and add the gift wrapping option to your cart and we’ll make sure it is wrapped before it goes out.

Add a handwritten card

Did you know you can also send the gift directly to the recipient? We never add a packing slip with these orders, and always add a small card with your name on it so the recipient knows who sent the gift. If you want to add a little message to your gift you can add the giftwrap + handwritten card. Just let us know what we need to add on the card and we’ll add it to your order.

About Canndle

Back in 2021 founder Anne fell in love with the art of candle making. She started her own brand: Canndle. Only selling natural candles made from vegan wax and with longer and cleaner burning. With each year that passes she learns more and more techniques to make sure you receive a unique candle. At Canndle you’ll find handmade candles and also homeware. Made from concrete, or other special substances.