candle holders

Candle holders

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for candle holders for tealights or for tapered candles, here at Canndle we offer both. Most of our candle holders are made by hand and they are always unique. Made from concrete, crystal or the beautiful capiz shell, whatever you are looking for you’ll find it with us.

How are our candle holders made?

Materials used

We offer different types of holders. Our concrete holders are made by us. The lotus tealight holders are handmade in the Phillippines from the Capiz shell. And what did you think of our selenite tealight holders, hand carved from selenite.

Honest price

We believe that our suppliers deserve an honest price. This makes sure that your candle holder is as sustainable as possible.

What fits you best?

Whatever candle holder you choose, there’s always a good fit here at Canndle. From a sturdy look with a concrete holder to a romantic look with our lotus tealight holders. With our candle holders you can burn a candle every night and make it look beautiful too!


Can I use the holder with the Canndle tea lights?

In some cases you can, in some cases you can’t. The dome tealight holder for example needs a tea light in an aluminium cup. Our tea lights come without the aluminium cup as it is more sustainable. Unfortunately this means that with some holders you can’t use our tea lights. We’ll tell you this in the product description.

It’s a gift, can you wrap it for me?

Sure! Just add the option ‘giftwrap’ or ‘giftwrap + handwritten card‘ to your order and we’ll make sure it’s wrapped beautifully. Even better: we don’t add a packing slip, so you can send it directly to the recipient.