Halloween candles

Halloween is the spooky season and we have some spooky candles to lighten up the dark night. Are you looking for beautiful Halloween candles that you might not want to burn (ever), we’ve got your back!

Skull and bones

Halloween is all about ghosts, skulls, witches and other scary things. Are you hosting a Halloween party and don’t know what to do about the decoration? What did you think of the skull candle? Or choose the personalised candle. Adding a personal quote to your candle has never been easier.


Here at Canndle we really love any holiday, including Halloween. When decorating the house with ghosts, spider webs and skull candles we are looking forward to lighting all the candles in our home, creating that mystical ambiance.

Choose a scent

We offer a lot of different scents, such as our fall in love scent, sweather weather or the always & forever. Unfortunately you can’t smell our candles through your computer. Therefore we created some scent profiles, to give you some insight in the way the candles smell.

About Canndle

Back in 2021 founder Anne fell in love with the art of candle making. She started her own brand: Canndle. Only selling natural candles made from vegan wax and with longer and cleaner burning. With each year that passes she learns more and more techniques to make sure you receive a unique candle. At Canndle you’ll find handmade candles and also homeware.