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No burning candle with the reed diffuser

Do you want your home to smell nice, but don’t want to light a scented candle? Our reed diffuser is a perfect fit for you! The diffuser is available in most of the scents and lasts between 2-3 months. With a strong scent throw you’ll enjoy it everytime you walk into your home. Furthermore our reed diffuser is also vegan, just as our candle waxes.

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No burning flames with these reed diffusers and even better: they last much longer.

Every diffuser comes with 8 reeds, but you can use less when you want a less noticeable scent.

Please be careful, the liquid in our reed diffusers is flamable. Keep it away from open fire.

Our diffusers are vegan, just as our candle wax. On top of that we try our hardest to be as sustainable as possible.

Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers exist of a glass bottle with a small neck which holds the scented liquids and reeds that take up the liquid and spread it. Our high end reed diffusers last for a long time and are made with vegan products.

Available scents

Our reed diffuser is available in different scents:

  • I sea – ocean scented – fresh, citrus scented.
  • Laundry day – fresh linen scented – fresh, soft.
  • Not today – lavender, chamomille and vanilla scented – warm, relaxing, soothing.
  • Summer vibes – peony & blush – flowers, summer, fresh.
  • By the fire – bergamot & spices – spicy, fresh.
  • Fall in love – sandalwood – warm, woodsy.
  • Sweater weather – orange & cinnamon – warm, woodsy.

How to use them

After buying the reed diffuser please ensure you take the following steps to enjoy it the longest. On first use put in the reeds and immediately turn around. Turn again every 3 days for a stronger scent, or don’t touch (we don’t even turn the reeds because the scent is enough already). Please don’t put your reed diffuser in direct sunlight or in a draft as it will shorten it’s lifespan.

lavender candles

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