Scent profiles

Fall in love (sandalwood)

This woodsy and subtle scent reminds us of fall. Fall in love is a soft yet lovely scent. Perfect for the fall and winter.

scent profile sandalwood

Sweater weather (orange & cinnamon)

Another soft and subtle scent on which you immediately pick up the notes of oranges. Sweet, with a small bitter note makes this a perfect combination for fall and winter.

Dark forest

The scent of a walk in the woods. This scent smells like fir tree and cinnamon. It is a heavier scent and is mostly loved during fall and winter. A perfect Christmas scent.

I sea (ocean)

The ocean has a special place in our heart. Therefore we knew we definitely wanted it to show in our first candle line. Our ocean scented candles smell fresh, citrus and are mostly decorated with shells found on the beach in Ouddorp (Zeeland, the Netherlands).

Laundry day (fresh linen)

Nothing beats the scent of fresh linen. This scent smells fresh, just like freshly washed clothing.

Always & forever

A relaxing scent that smells soft and soapy. Cherryblossom.

Not today (lavender, chamomille & vanilla)

A very soothing, relaxing and soft scent. With hints of lavender, vanilla en chamomille this is the ultimate relaxing scent.

Summer vibes (peony & blush)

This scent is vibrant and absolutely summer-like. Made from peony’s and blush


This scent is for the plant lovers. It smells like walking into a greenhouse. Earthy, with notes of herbs and plants. A fresh scent that goes well for all seasons.

Heavier scents

  • Summer vibes

  • Dark forest

Subtle scents

  • Fall in love

  • Sweater weather

  • Not today

  • Always & forever

Fresh scents

  • I sea

  • Laundry day

  • Plantaholic

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