lavender candles

The relaxing smell of a scented candle

When life gets just a little too busy with appointments, work, kids and friends you have to keep up with a little time for yourself can help a lot. Our scented candles have a relaxing smell that will make you want to fall down on the couch and relax.

A scented candle from Canndle is handmade with a lot of love.

Did you know you can order our scented candles in different vessels?

Although it already smells wonderful when not lit, it will burn for a long time. Being made from rapeseedwax our candles burn up to 80% longer.

Please don’t burn your candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Make sure that for the first burn there’s a complete meltpool before blowing out the candle.

Handmade scented candle

Our scented candles are available in different vessels. The concrete vessels are also made by hand. All our candles, scented or not, are poured by hand.

Small business

When buying a candle from Canndle you’ll not only make us super happy with an order, you’ll also support a small business. And that means that you’ll make our dreams come true.

Vegan rapeseed wax

All of our candles are poured from rapeseed wax. This is made from the cute little yellow flower that grows here in Europe. Therefore it is a more durable option as it produces less carbon dioxide from traveling. Even better: the bees love the yellow little flower and anything we can do to make it easier on the bees, we want to do!

lavender candles

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