mini candles

Small candles

When we first started our candle making journey we didn’t quite understand what problems we would face. For example how difficult it would be to let everyone know what our candles smell like. Unfortunately there’s no such thing as smelling through your screen yet. That’s when we decided we wanted tiny candles with our scents. So people could try before they bought the big ones.

Starting small

Although it started really small, it got big quickly. Customers love the mini candles, not just as a sample but as a whole. As of right now our small candles are one of the best selling types of candles in our shop.

Re-use the vessel

Did you know that you can re-use the candle vessel? After burning your candle you can use it for plants or something else. We try to make our candles as environmentally friendly as possible. We do this by using rapeseed wax, which is grown in Europe. We are located in the Netherlands. Therefore it has to go a smaller distance to our shop and there’s a smaller carbon footprint.

Plants or jewellery dish

But the vessels did cause us some headaches in the beginning. Because most people throw those away after burning a candle. Our vessels can be re-used for plants or jewellery, so your small candle doesn’t go to waste even after burning it.

mini candles

Sustainable candles

Back in 2021 we discovered that there’s a lot more to candle making and burning then we thought. Before making our own candles we never knew about the vast majority of waxes there are. Or why some candles create a lot of black soot when burning. Our candles are made from rapeseedwax. This is a more eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles. Rapeseedwax is made from the rapeseed flower. When burning it creates less black soot and it burns up to 90% longer than paraffin candles.

Our team loves making and burning candles, and works everyday to ensure you get the most beautiful candles delivered to your doorstep.

Mini candles

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