The 7 best birthday presents for a woman

birthday presents for a woman

It can be so difficult to find birthday presents for a woman that matches what she likes. Especially when you don’t exactly know what she likes. Therefore we made a list of the 7 best birthday presents for women.

1: A scented candle

Looking for the best birthday present for a woman? You can’t go wrong with scented candles, I promise you that! Every woman loves a beautiful candle that matches her home and gives off a lovely scent when you enter the room.

2: Personalised bags

A gift for a woman that she’ll definitely love is a personalised bag. Well actually, any personalised gift means that you took the time to think about it and that will be greatly appreciated. We personally love the bags that Liefs Lievelyne makes (based in Belgium). You can shop them through

3: Diffuser reeds

For people that don’t want to burn candles, for whatever reason, a great gift is a diffuser. A diffuser spreads the scent through reeds and makes a home smell like home. To make the gift even more personal you can choose a scent that fits the woman you’re buying a birthday present for.

4: Succulent candles

One thing that most (we can’t speak for everyone) women love: plants. You just can’t go wrong with plants. Well, actually, you can. Not every woman has green fingers. A succulent candle can be the solution you were looking for. This candle comes in a small and a big size and don’t worry, you don’t have to water them.

5: Cute cards

What is a birthday gift without a special note from you written on a beautiful card? At Lokaal living they design the cutest cards which can be used for far more than just birthday gifts for women. But at Lokaal living they offer so much more than just cute cards. If you need any interior inspo, you definitely need to take a look at their website.

6: Giftbox with candles

We totally understand how difficult it is to think of a gift. Therefore we offer premade giftboxes, so you don’t have to think about the best combinations for the gift you want to give.

7: Concrete homeware

Concrete homeware is a great option for any home as it’s style fits most homes. The concrete homeware at Canndle combines great with our candles, to make your birthday presents for a woman just that little more special.

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