Valentine’s Day

Every february 14th it’s the day of love: Valentine’s Day. Opinions about this day differ, but here at Canndle we love the opportunity to express affection, gratitude and admiration you have for the special people in your life. How to make your Valentine’s Day as special as possible? We’ll tell you!

Step 1: choose a candle

Do you know what the special person in your life loves most? Pick the candle that fits your love, or add more candles to your cart. Candles at Canndle are handmade, depending on the candle you choose we even made the vessel ourselves. Giving something that is handmade means you’ll give a well thought gift.

Step 2: add giftwrap and handwritten card

Did you know that we can wrap the candle as a gift for you? We’ll even add a handwritten card if you want to. This makes it possible to send the gift directly to the recipient. No worries, we won’t add a packing slip!

Or: Valentine’s Day giftbox

Can’t you think of what you want to order for your spouse? Luckily we know what to do! Here at Canndle we offer giftboxes for every time of the year. Just choose the scents you want, or send us a message and we can help you decide which giftbox fits best.

About Canndle

Founder Anne thought it was important to start a sustainable candle business. Candles at Canndle are made from rapeseedwax. This is made from the yellow flowers you’ll see a lot in Europe. This type of wax is vegan, one of its many benefits. Other benefits are:

  • Bees love the yellow flowers, so using rapeseedwax benefits the bees.
  • It burns up to 80% longer.
  • Clean burn with less black soot.
  • Vegan.
  • Made in Europe, therefore a smaller carbon footprint as we’re located in the Netherlands.