Thank you so much for your interest to represent Canndle in your store. We have a few different options for you to use. You can message me directly using the contact form below, or you can shop from us through Ankorstore, Orderchamp or Faire.

When you want to try out a small order, your best option is to message us directly. For larger orders you can use one of out platforms, as they have some interesting discounts for new users.

Shop on Faire

New shoppers on Faire get a discount of €300 when using the link below.

Shop on Ankorstore

Shopping with Ankorstore means no shipping costs.

Shop on Orderchamp

Get a €200 discount when shopping through Orderchamp until the 26th of april! Use the link below to get the discount. Extra nice to know: Orderchamp offers free shipping for orders above €250.

Stores that sell Canndle


Canndle can also be found at Startparade.

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