Candle making workshop

Make your own scented candle during our candle making workshop in IJsselstein, near Utrecht. We’ll teach you how to make your own unique candles that smell lovely and help you every step along the way.

During the workshop candle making you’ll learn more about the different types of wax, what to pay attention to when making candles and of course you’ll make your very own scented candle.

What will you take home?

When leaving the workshop you’ll take home your own handmade scented candles worth €24.95 – €39.95 (depending on which vessels you choose). And of course you’ll leave with a lot of knowledge about candle making that you can use at home. You’ll learn the difference between types of candles and how healthy they are, you’ll learn about the difference a wick can make and you’ll learn how to properly take care of your candles.

workshop candle making